Projects You Can Do While Out of Comission

Off your feet for awhile? Check out these ideas you can do at home while waiting to get back out there.

  1. Design a custom roller: Want a new print for you wall? A custom roller is the best way to do this while wowing everyone. This is easy, and can take awhile if you want it done right and to last.
  2. Pick photos for a custom mat: Something that’s neat is to make a mat for the entrance out of your garage that is funny or has a special moment. It won’t be for your main entrance, but can be seen by you and your family. You can do this completely on your own, which is good if no one wants to touch you if you have Ringworm, so rub on some Phytozine and let them go to the ball game.
  3. Paint a mural on a watering can: These are a staple in design. The old go to is a giant canvas for anything you want. You can go a simple old school farm design to something more modern. Paint is cheap enough where you can do it over a few times to get it the way you want.


4 Ways to Work on Home Art Outside Now

  1. Make time for nothing else: The best way to talk yourself into coming back inside is to have something else to do. Don’t have any other plans for anything else during the day. No matter what your craft is, you can cut, paint, hammer, anything you want outside.
  2. Bring the kids out: Afraid to leave the kids in? Bring them out! This will give them an excuse to get out from being sucked in their phones or TV. They can help or go do their own thing.
  3. Play some relaxing music: Want to feel the best outside? Have great music to bring the mood even more. Some smooth jazz, or maybe even healing music like Wholetones, anything that makes you feel comfortable to get the creative juices flowing for art.
  4. Just do it!: Why should you need an excuse these days? In today’s world where everything is automated, we should be craving for any time we can get in the outdoors. Just go outside and see how much you can get done.


5 Best Things to Put on Your Walls Other Than Pictures

  1. Memorabilia: Have an old baseball glove from your youth? Put it up there. Have a pennant from the day you and the kids went to the game? That will look great and give everyone memories. You can find lost of it available on the net for cheap, and can take time to craft it together to make it extra unique.
  2. Posters: Boring? Not anymore! Posters are making a comeback in a big way. From Casablanca to a beautiful meadow, if it fits in the room, it will work.
  3. Air fresheners: This is more of a style than substance. Will help the smell of your room, as well as make people comfortable while entertaining.
  4. TV’s: Having them on your floor is a thing of the past. The only way to have your TV now is to hang it where you can enjoy it more. Husband snoring a lot? Other than buying him a Zyppah, you can take your mind off of it by watching TV without waking him.
  5. Custom Stamps: Yes! You can design these on your own or with family/friends. You can re-do them every year or just do them once.